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Vzkaz pro Tebe - název Photoalbum: A Message for You
Photoalbum: A Message for You (14 photos)
Released: 2021
Length: 8 minutes
Format: Blu-Ray, DVD, MP4
Equipment: Sony HXR - NX80 / Adobe Premiere Pro
Casting: Kristynka Vlkova, David Brezina, Veronika Vlkova, Vaclav Vlk, Miroslava Vlkova
Script: Petra Vlkova a David Brezina
Story: How will Dad help his little daughter Kristýna not lose hope in the time of the COVID, that struck in full force? Sometimes little is enough. Attention and good deeds will never be lost. What we give in life will return to us!
Scene Size Downloaded Lng. Download Stream
Full version 304.4 MB 10510 x cs+en sub download
Full version 254.6 MB 11041 x cs download Watch in YouTube
Awards: 24th Apr 2023 - 2nd Price at the Czech Vize Film Competition
24th Apr 2022 - 5 Star Award at the IAC British International Amateur Film Competition.
03rd Feb 2022 - 1. Prize at the on-line Film Competition Videoculture Fest
16th Oct 2021 - 3rd Prize at the 54th Film Festival Strekovska Kamera.