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Ta naše povaha česká - název Photoalbum: The Czech Nature
Photoalbum: The Czech Nature (18 photos)
Released: 2012
Length: 13 minutes
Format: DVD, DivX
Equipment: Canon HF G10 / Adobe Premiere / Vegas Pro
Casting: Stefan Havala, David Brezina, Jirina Simkovicova, Pavel Kopp, Jan Trasak, Marek Janulik, Tomas Holy ...
Genre: Parody, comedy, reportage
Story: An Ultra Black Comedy / Parody to the current affair program of the Czech Television called “Ta naše povaha česká = The Czech Nature”. This time we learn something about a job that is quite controversial and many people don’t really want to talk about it. We are about to question two Czechs who are not ashamed to talk about their profession which is “Providing of Technical Services”. What kind of Services we will really deal about you can see for yourself in our comic and a bit naughty show.
Scene Size Downloaded Lng. Download Stream
Full version 120.24 MB 10583 x cs download
Awards: 22. Oct 2012 - Petr Kurtis Award at the Film Festival "Vystrelena Baba" in Nymburk, CZ
Information: Movie Premiere (Fall 2012)