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Exchange Photoalbum: Exchange
Photoalbum: Exchange (6 photos)
Released: 2009
Length: 4 minutes
Format: DVD, DivX
Equipment: Kompaktní fotoaparát Sony DSC-W210 / Adobe Premiere
Music: David William (www.davidwilliam.co.uk)
Casting: David Brezina, Jirina Simkovicova
Genre: Experiment, comedy, clip
Story: Experimental short clip Exchange was made off-hand on photo camera Sony W-210. This comic picture was made in about an hour in the South Bohemia. At the same time it was an original casting for Jirina to make sure that she is the right actress for the future filmmaking... :-)
Awards: 06th Oct 2012 - 2nd Prize in the main competition at the 44th Film Festival HAF in Tanvald, CZ
25th June 2011 - Special Prize for the funniest Gag at the Frech-Frivoles-Festival in Berlin, Germany
Information: The most important is that we all had a lot of fun while filmmaking .-)